All-Natural Meats, Vegetables and Micro-Greens in Zanesville, Ohio

Spacious Hill Farm ZanesvilleWe started farming because we want to feed our family the best all-natural foods possible, while respecting God’s creation and being good stewards of the land.  We sometimes produce more than we can eat, and we’d love to share our bounty with you, so that your family can eat as good as ours does.

We proudly grow micro-greens and produce, as well as all natural rabbits, chickens and turkeys, and eggs.  We are regular vendors at the Zanesville Farmers’ Market with our produce, micro-greens and other products, but our meats and eggs are currently only available for direct pickup from the farm.

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To inquire about current available meats, produce and eggs, call us at 614-441-9777 to order, reach us by email at, or get in touch with us on Facebook.